Types of Services:

We specialise in the manufacturing and rebuilding of Propshafts of various sizes from commercial to industrial, supplying of parts, from car, 4x4 Cv’s and Propshafts.
We have a 24/7 pickup, repair and delivery service and we keep stock of all major brands of Propshaft components.

General Engineering and steelwork is also done.

We provide in various areas of Mining Supplies.


We supply a complete range of propshaft components.

Our workshops:

Our Machinery consists of the following:

1 CEMB Balancing Machine (Calibrated yearly)

3 ABRO Balancing Machines (Calibrated yearly)

5 Lathes

4 Co2 Welding Machines

Welding Benches

1 Brideport Milling Machine

And all appropriate hand and lifting tools.